ZoomEx Exchange of New Cryptocurrency with Lowest Cost Traders will always consider a number of aspects before registering and using crypto currency exchanges. One of the most common aspects is the cost of trade. The Crypto exchange must make money so that it can still operate and develop the platform. They can take deductions from each trade made […]


BECOME PART OF DAB TOKEN MINING AND ENJOY PROFITS. Have you ever heard of DAB tokens and wondered how to get some tokens? Sit down and read this article when I bring to you what DAB tokens are and how you can get some DAB tokens. The DAB Token has been created for the purpose of managing […]


ISKRA a standard platform that helps increase investment and help children throughout the world. ABOUT ISKRACOINThis project scheme wants each project that enters a cryptocurrency to be immediately set as 10% of the coins or bank tokens to be transferred to social programs! This is how society can really influence their future. Example: If the creator of […]

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