Combination of Blockchain Transparency, Reliability, Speed, and Security


What is Pkore?Pcore is a peer-to-peer discount platform integrated with blockchain technology. The aim is to combine Blockchain transparency, trust, speed and security with a smartly registered contract and to combine invoices and lenders directly with each otherPcore wants to incorporate modern technology into a niche, but a growing market. As we know, current market conditions are experiencing hard times. As more companies use alternative financing options with banks, they are expected to provide them with a platform to exchange accounts faster to receive the required amount. Help them to grow, grow and compete with operational costs.FUTURE PLAN If you pay faster with basic billing software 
, the Pcore Team Account will work on an innovative billing program that will change the way companies pay. Connect this to the main trading platform. PCC PCC Coins is a convenient payment method. INNOVATION

What does Pcore provide?

High speed and low cost

To eliminate the need for basic Pcore assistance, the cost of buying and selling accounts remains low and high speed. No need to wait long, enter instant business growth and instant profits.

Close and Pcore Security

All invoices downloaded by the seller of the invoice are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, which eliminates errors and matches. Business taken from the cover Pcore guarantees the funds promised on this date at the expense of investors.

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the concept

We implement smart contracts to assign “unique fingerprints” to each transaction. This allows companies to automate the billing process and use the factoring service on the platform. And each account has a unique account that is transparently displayed to all members. Thus, because of transparency, credit worthiness can be built through the blockchain platform.

Our Pcore platform also supports issuers, owners and payers. In this way, invoices can be available as a source of total liquidity for factoring. By including the date of receipt of income, the lender will be able to choose the period of factoring and the interest rate included in the smart contract. The token will connect parties from all over the world, ignoring the limitations in this process.What does Pcore offer?P2P P2P Global 
Invoice allows Pcore businesses and investors to trade whatever their geographical location, eliminating the needs of third parties.High speed and low cost By eliminating the need for third party companies, Pcore can achieve high revenues and high collection and speed costs 
. No need to wait long, direct income for business development and direct profits.Cover Security and Pcore All invoices uploaded by vendors are listed on the Ethereum Blockchain. This rules out 
mistakes and misuse. Companies that come from Pcore coverage guarantee the promised funds at the moment at the expense of investors.


We direct ourselves to real topics in various industries. Pcore aims to overcome the obstacles and challenges faced by modern businesses in facing liquidity and financial uncertainty. In addition, the main problems that interfere with some markets on a regular basis are financial restrictions and factoring, audits and financial reports that are not transparent / outdated.1. Financial limits and factoringSMEs have limited access to short-term financing (working capital). The bank demands substantial guarantees and documentation in financing project approvals, especially after the last recession in 2009. This is a large funding gap for small and medium-sized companies around the world, which drives global factoring industry growth by 10% every year. Current estimates indicate that the factoring billing market in 2018 is worth $ 3 trillion. This makes it a large enough market to be investigated.Since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2009, factoring in the United States and around the world has grown between 11% and 24% per year, increasing annual factoring more than one trillion euros in less than a decade. This industry practically doubled in size, although the modern era of factoring began only a century ago.SMEs seem to suffer losses in terms of credit quality and financial inequality due to lack of financial resources in dealing with capital markets. The funding gap has led to the need for alternative financing sources such as factoring.2. AuditTo verify the authenticity of bills sent, several steps are needed. This includes confirming that billing services have actually been sent as claimed, inspection operations that are directly related to billing services, and checking materials used to meet the requirements where billing is being made.With the introduction of the ERP system, Pcore intends to automate all processes involved in validity analysis. This establishes a control point that users must follow to verify the authenticity of potential partners. The history of invoices sent by companies to the public allows automatic assessment of the validity and associated risks.In modern economics, automatic inspection without constant physical examination is almost impossible. In addition, paper money can be falsified, so investors can find a bad game in this case. Because there is no real incentive for companies to disclose their direct finances to the public, there is a high possibility of false financial results.3. Old and non-transparent financial reportsProblems with non-transparent financial statements may be as old as the company itself. There are several reasons why companies want to hide the actual results, especially when billing requests. Business plans and financial statements in general need to show the financial health of the company in the past and in the past. However, by deleting key data or even manipulating the presentation, the company seems to be in a good position, while the actual situation varies greatly.Although the government actually applies basic guidelines for financial presentation through IFRS and GAAP policies, many companies are looking for ways to avoid them. The IFRS model represents progress in the investigation of bribery and illegal activities. However, it cannot explain all possible places where non-transparent reporting is questioned, especially when SMEs are involved. The need for invoices has increased in recent years with developing companies in the SME sector. However, the problem still concerns trust and accurate reporting.


As a format for presenting financial data on the platform, we have chosen XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language). This framework is an open international standard for digital business reporting. This is used throughout the world. Companies from more than 50 countries implement it in their companies. Millions of XBRL documents are created each year, replacing older, paper-based reports with useful, effective and accurate digital reports.In other words, XBRL provides a language in which the term “reporting” can be clearly defined. The term can then be used to clearly represent financial statements or other types of compliance, performance and business reports. XBRL is often referred to as “barcode reporting” because it makes reporting more accurate and efficient. With unique tags, XBRL allows Pcore to develop its platform to meet demanding market demands by providing:

  • Report documents that can be used that can be registered, sorted, and analyzed automatically by Pcore
  • General belief that all reports on the platform follow sophisticated and predefined definitions

In addition, comprehensive definitions and accurate data tags help parties carry out various reporting tasks, including:• Preparation• validation• Publication• exchange• consumption• Risk analysis and business information performance.To facilitate the exchange of business report summaries, XBRL uses transaction tags on the platform. This transaction representation enables the exchange of independent systems and analysis of large amounts of supporting data. As a key to changing financial reporting, the Pcore platform uses two core calculations to help investors evaluate investment opportunities.


Token Sticker: PCC

Category: Factors of the platform

Type: Token

Platform: Erc20

Limited countries: China and the United States

PCC Base Token Price: 0.39 USD for 1 PCC

Payment: Ethereum

Total Tokens: 52 Million

Reserve token: 20 million pieces

Tokens for sale: 20 million pieces

Gift badge: 500 thousand pieces

Tokens provided for the team: 11 million

Soft hat: 1 million dollars

Hard cap: $ 5 million

In the bulk sale of genuine PCORE coin offers, only Ethereum will be used as cryptocurrency as a payment method. Therefore, it is recommended that ICO participants encourage the use of Ethereum addresses with private keys that have full control, such as myetherwallet addresses, addresses entered, etc. In addition, Ethereum addresses from cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Okex, Bihumb etc. not accepted because it’s not a smart contract that can’t store multiple ERC_20 tokens. The PCORE development team is currently working with security auditors to complete the PCORE contract so that investor funds are fully protected and not risky. After all security measures have been carried out and all security penetration tests have been carried out,
As a result of successful sales, Ethereum is re-used to develop projects and create invoices based on protected ecosystem discount chain blocks using PCC tokens as exchange units for each platform use.


Team The 
team has years of experience in the blockchain industry, as well as in the financial industry. This team is fully based on years of experience in fulfilling project missions.

For more information, please visit one of the following links 
Website:   https://pcore.co/
Technical documents:   https://pcore.co/whitepaper
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/Pcore-PCC- 351650118758061 /
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/PcorePCC
Telegram:   https://t.me/joinchat/Lr_g4hNZ8vDU0qiwzAwH5A
Reddit:   https://www.reddit.com/user/PcorePCC
Media:   https://medium.com / @ PCORE
Ann Topic:   https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5121997

Username: bilsmuth
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2653696

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