a platform that transforms traditional exchanges by tokenizing the exchange of assets using blockchain technology


Greetings to cryptocurrency lovers, I am happy to convey this important information as I usually do. I want you to relax and read these tips but enrich the information with amazing and amazing benefits. Friends, all about the  Soraix Equity Token and Crypto Currency Exchange Platform,  Take your time to read the details below.

Cryptocurrency trading (computerized cash trading) is a business that allows clients to exchange digital forms of money or sophisticated monetary forms for different resources, for example, traditional cash or other sophisticated monetary standards. Digital currency trading can be a market creator who regularly accepts a spread approach to bidding as an exchange commission for administration or, as a coordination stage, basically imposes fees.

Computerized monetary standards makers are often independent of sophisticated money trading that encourages cash exchange. In one type of framework, digital currency providers (DCP) are organizations that manage and manage to represent their clients, but most do not make legal progress to clients. The client buys or sells computerized cash from advanced money trading, which moves advances to or out of the client’s DCP account. Some trades are DCP assistants, but many are legitimate autonomous organizations. The division of assets stored in DCP records may be from real or imaginary money.

Exchange of customary securities is very limited by only working during working hours, and in the nearest time zone of the referred market. Dealers, who have an important part of an open organization, who want to react to show opportunities progressively must survive until the market reopens, at which time the opportunity to profit from the opportunities mentioned has passed. Oror is determined to radically change the traditional exchange by tokenizing asset exchange using blockchain technology. At the same time, we strive to change public perceptions about digital assets in a positive direction, which will lead to broader adaptation and stability in the industry. Soraix will provide significant benefits for traditional investors (retail traders, general public) and companies of all sizes. Traditional users will benefit from our first revenue sharing model, which allows them to exchange their SRX tokens for tokens of higher value (and, if they wish, immediately sell equity tokens that are purchased in fixed currency, guaranteeing all benefits). in trade). Corporate clients will be able to collect funds, issue tokens on our platform. More about this, issue tokens on our platform. More about this, issue tokens on our platform. More about this,

Our main goal is to deeply change common stock trading by tokenizing profit trading through blockchain innovation. In doing so, we decided to positively drive an open impression of sophisticated resources, bringing broader adjustments and dependence on business. The Soraix Group consists of a collection of experienced people who are related to DLT innovations who in the past have effectively carried out activities that have made progress in the areas of Blockchain and advertising digital forms of money.

We will offer private-owned businesses the capacity to increase assets by empowering them to issue Equity Tokens at our advanced Swiss trading stage. Our clients will almost certainly buy this Equity Token, empowering issuing organizations to increase capital without the limited costs associated with an IPO. This Equity Token will then be exchanged in our trade with other Equity Tokens, cryptographic forms of money, and different computer resources, the same as fiat monetary standards.

In view of legitimate concerns to ensure an easy and safe commercial center for our clients, organizations wishing to lock ETO (Equity Token Offer) on our stage will undergo a thorough inspection process, although it is necessary to pursue a strict Swiss legal structure, before their qualifications are recorded our trade will be settled.

We imagine the intensity of acquiring SRX Tokens as a way to take part in our revenue will greatly increase its intrigue to our client base, and guarantee it is a stable development as an advanced resource of important incentives for financial specialists. It is our goal to reward individuals who place resources into our tokens by empowering them to take part in the revenue of each new ETO that is encouraged on our stage production for Soraix and SRX Token holders.

Soraix Features 
– For Traders, 
Retailers will be offered a variety of basic and complex instruments and highlights, including the normal revenue sharing model. 
– For investors, 
Soraix will empower speculators to secure computerized parts of the organization as value tokens and exchange them

Special Info 
– SRX Tokens SRX tokens 
can be used to purchase Equity tokens at a price of 1: 1 that allows dealers to exchange tokens with lower incentives for one of the higher values. 
Token Value Token Value can be seen as a computerized variant of the parts of the supporting organization where each value token is combined into one part of the issuing organization. 
– Initial Investor Bonus Initial Investor Bonus 
By purchasing SRX Tokens for the first two weeks of our ICO, we will coordinate your purchase with an additional SRX Token value of 10% without additional costs for you. Prizes will increase up to 5%, for speculators who buy our tokens during Weeks 3 and 4.

To provide the best security and directness to our clients, Soraix will be headquartered in Switzerland. Switzerland currently has an idea among the most refined and encouraged customer guarantee guidelines on the planet. Nothing is more important in the field of exchange, other than exchanging with people you trust.

Stock trading with Blockchain

The ETO special blockchain will be a new way to trade shares with unmatched security, performance and cost effectiveness for our investorsTokenomicPrice – 0,00025 ETHTotal Amount – 1 000 000 000General Sales Amount – 60% (600 000 000 SRX) Soft Cap – $ 4 500 000 USD Hard Stamp – $ 24 000 000 USD Get Allocation 60% – Token Sales 5% – Prizes & Airdrop 5% – Advisor10% – Suggestion 20% – Teamequity tokenIn addition, the equity token can be seen as a digital model of the shares of the issuing institution, where each fairness token is integrated into one issuing company stock.roadmapQ1, 2019 – Market Analysis. Original concept.Q2, 2019 – Company formation. Compilation of the core team.Q3, 2019 – ICO placement.Q4, 2019 – Introduction to the MVP version of the Soraix platform.Q1, 2020 – Public API Deployment.Q2, 2020 – Introduction of social commerce and mobile applications.Q3, 2020 – Implementation of a special ETO Blockchain.TokenomikPrice – 0,00025 ETHTotal offers – 1 000 000 000General Sales Group – 60% (600 000 000 SRX)Soft Cap – 4 500 000 USDHard Cap – 24.000.000 USDToken assignment60% – Token Sales5% – Bounty & Airdrop5% – consultant10% – saran20% – TimTimfounderLucas Komarnicki – CEOPrzemek Plazinski – CFOPatrick Kubicki – CTO

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