Unifinity is a revolutionary platform for education management systems 

Most Asian countries cannot use mechanical progress to complete their regulatory exercises. The progress of the school education framework towards highly innovative mechanization tools will be significant because most of the information provided by the council is expensive and involved. Therefore, most universities process physical recruitment. From now on, it will also be difficult for universities to continue to monitor how many second-level courses enter the class, as well as receive scheduled payments in installments for fees and applications, and long waiting times each semester.

UNIFORMITY We focus on providing a foundation of education with special assistance and management to support scientific practice and governance through smart contracts that make it easier to sort information, follow, practice and participate in secondary studies. All of this is solved by using tokens as a kind of unique virtual symbol and carefully crafted timestamp, and provides motivational power and prizes for each cast of the second application.

The idea of ​​UNIFINITY is to create the first decentralized application that strengthens all universities by offering availability and innovation using blockchain technology. Our aim is to build a coherent and decentralized education phase that allows universities and schools of all sizes to quickly update the use of blockchain innovations and smart contracts for different application needs. We accept that blockchain innovation can be used as an integral part of improving current education and learning management systems.

The EduTech global Unifinity platform offers blockchain services for universities and educational institutions. The Unifinity platform provides important infrastructure and integrated tools that empower universities in their general administration and management systems, which will revolutionize the education system and general standards. University management will be able to implement smart blockchain and contracts in their management systems and solve problems. Unifinity Tokens provide access to all of these services. The Unifinity team believes that blockchain can be a transformative technology in a global learning environment. Students, parents and general users have full access to all relevant data through Unifinity.

Integrating the Unifinity blockchain into the education system reduces the pressure of processing student payments that can involve parents, financial institutions, educational institutions, and government. Payment in cryptocurrency simplifies the payment process and eliminates all the hassle in the process.
The UNIFINITY platform   will be able to fundamentally change the education system, combine everything needed to control student attendance and achievement, and give universities the ability to manage the functions and applications of the blockchain at a low cost and optimal. provisionsUNIFINITY   will be able to contribute to the development of online learning because it is cheaper and allows you to get knowledge from anywhere in the world where there is the internet. And also to achieve diploma recognition and certificates anywhere in the world.UNIFINITY   created  its  own DAPP based blockchain, which was designed to be the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to send and receive tuition payments for universities, schools, teachers, parents and students.Thanks to the UNIFINITY platform, the work of universities and schools can change dramatically.● You no longer need paper to store information. Certificates, licenses and other documents can be stored in a block chain. This technology provides reliable protection against hacking and changes in records. This leads to many advantages: eliminating the share of corruption in education, dissolving records, reducing spending on budget funds and extra-budget for consumables.● The ministry of information and other relevant government agencies are no longer needed. Blockchain can provide constant access to verified information about certification, which makes the educational process desirable, because it is increasingly difficult to buy a diploma. The court no longer needs to be involved to prove copyright over scientific work.● The process of recording information in the block chain does not require specialists, which reduces the educational institution’s financial burden on personnel content.● The cryptocurrency room applies to learning. If state law is ready for such a change, scholarships and grants for high yields will be transferred online, which will exclude intermediaries who work with universities now.
● Employers will now be confident in the specialist qualifications that are hired, and the implementation of recertification and qualification confirmation procedures will soon be reflected in an integrated system, and this will become reliable data.

THE MAIN PURPOSE· To complete application development and to enter universities, colleges, schools globally which do not have access to quality learning applications and Registration management systems.· To provide accessibility to parents in providing tools for them to continue their studies as well as accessibility to manage their finances with secure fast payments at low costs.· To encourage more students to continue their studies and learn the right investments by giving them access to professional courses provided by leading universities.· To give universities the ability to issue their own Anti-Counterfeiting Blockchain Certificates and Blockchain anti-fraud identity cards which also function as wallets where users can use them in several merchant partners using smart contracts through various applications.


Unifinity will provide an anti-fraud system that allows universities and the education sector to solve problems with fake certificates and ID cards. The university will have its own blockchain certificate against counterfeiting and blockchain ID cards against fraud, which will also function as a wallet for students and other users.

SECURITY AND SECURITY: Unifinity offers parents all the tools they need to support their children’s learning. Unifinity also offers a payment system that allows parents and students to pay various school fees with safe and low transaction costs. This platform provides access to professional courses offered by the best learning institutions.


Dash Cryptocurrency works with Unifinity to improve the global education system by integrating blockchain technology and smart contracts to solve various problems and improve operational efficiency. This partnership allows students around the world to pay for their education courses with Dash Cryptocurrency.

integration of Blockchain into the education system will positively change the education sector and increase management efficiency. The problem with the lack of transparency and system efficiency is completely eliminated. Blockchain certificates to combat fraud, ID cards issued by blockchain and convenient payment systems are being introduced at various learning universities to improve the livelihoods of students and parents. Need to see this project class.

Conclusions above 

, it can be said with confidence that blockchain technology opens up a large number of opportunities in the field of education. Blockchain changes the idea of ​​storing data and with its help, it is possible to avoid manipulation of certificates, diplomas, scientific papers, and articles. For scientists, researchers, and even ordinary students, this is a great opportunity to safely save and distribute the writer’s work, studying current developments even in narrow specialties. UNIFINITY’s decentralized education platform will help make this happen.

For more information, please visit;

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